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Cille Rosenørn Abildhauge

Penzilla Design was founded in 2021 by Cille Rosenørn Abildhauge, after her completion of a masters degree at The Royal Danish Academy in Game Design. Since then, we have worked on different projects like various video games, analog games, comics, design work and more. Cille Abildhauge has done freelance work since 2017 under the name Penzilla, helping private game developers achieve their dream by creating everything from assets, backgrounds, logos, game UI, gui and more. In more recent times, we've started focusing more on illustration projects, and additionally moved back into the territory of physical design and are now also crafting linoleum presses, clay figures and much more.
In short: we create high quality graphics and illustrations for your projects.
If we've peaked your interest and you wish to discuss a project, please send us an e-mail through the form bellow to get an offer on your project. We look forward to hearing from you.
About Penzilla

based in Valby, Copenhagen Denmark


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