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We offer various graphics solutions and packages forprofessional and private game-projects.

Penzilla Design offers various graphics solutions and packages for professional and private game-projects.
To order custom made graphics for your project, or to inquire about free-lance work, please see the info on commissions.
If you are interested in premade graphics packs, have a look at our store.
Game Art Commisions
We are exited to work on game graphics together with small indie developers and as part of larger projects!

It doesn't matter if you are completely new to game development in need of your first custom asset pack, or if you are looking to hire freelance work for an established team of developers; with a MA in game design, specializing in 2D graphics, and years of experience with client work in this area, I'm confident that we can bring your vision to life together.
I work in a vide variation of styles and formats. If you are interested in ordering game graphics with me, I encourage you to think about the following things about your project, as I will need to know these details in order to create a quote for your order:
  • I always like to have a concise overview of the project I'm about to be part of, so a short description of your project and its current status is great!
  • What style are you working with or imagining for your project? If you have any current prototype, moodboards, rference images, etc. please send them along.
  • A list of the assets you need is one of the most important things for me to have in order to put together a quote for your project. If you don't currently have a complete/detailed overview of the items, no worries. I just need to know approx. how many assets and of what kind you need, but the more detail I have the more accurate I can be from the start.
  • I need to know what format you are working with/want me to work with, especially if anything needs to be vectorized. My default is raster files, but I'm more than happy to work with vector as well.
  • I need to know what dimensions you need the assets in. E.g. if you currently with with a grid, if you have existing elements that I need to consider when scaling new assets, or if you have straight up  dimensions for any or all assets you need. If nothing is provided, my default is to work with larger formats so you'll have options for scaling later on without loosing resolution.
  • If there is anything else you think might be relevant, or any other reference pictures I might need, I would love for you to send it along as well.

"Amazing work, a very profesional client service!"

- Jnates8080, CO

"Penzilla is awesome! Not only did they produce some great work - they also provided some invaluable creative suggestions and insights! I will definitely be working with Penzilla again!"

-ckh12358, US

So, what can you expect when ordering game graphics with me?

Once I have an overview of the project and what you need, I'll put together a quote/custom offer and a timeline for your project. Sometimes it can also make sense to prepare for multiple orders, if e.g. a smaller sample order is needed first, or if a large project might be better handled in parts.

Once we agree on the offer, I'll start working on sketches and/or samples. I always send over sketches/samples for an order to ensure you are happy with the direction, to prevent miscommunication, and to give you more control over the process overall.

If there are any larger changes you would like, I'll usually send over a new round of sketches/samples for an additional review. Once I'm sure you are happy with everything, I'll get the actual delivery ready. In regards to payment, I always expect 50% of the full amount before I start the order, and the remaining 50% afterwards. This is off course to ensure both of us in the process.

Most often this process makes sure that you are 100% happy with the end product because you've been able to oversee the process before the delivery. Should there however be any minor edits after the delivery, I'll off course handle those for free.

"An amazing experience again with penzilla! A friendly, comprehensive and profesionnal artist that pinpoint exactly what we needed. Always a pleasure to work with."

-steevengaleau, FR

penzilladraws did an excellent job following my specs, and she went above and beyond to ensure that the final deliverable was excellent. She was very forward-thinking and prepositive to solve the issue we find during the project development. I am planning to call her again for my next project.

-Fbrullo, US

Though it is difficulty to list standardized prices for my work, simply because all projects are unique and have different requirements even when they might seem similar, I've still listed a few examples here.

This is in no way a complete list of the graphic packs I provide, or default prices for all projects. The examples below is simply to give a rough idea of the price-point you can expect when I put together a custom offer for you later on. I offer bulk discounts on larger orders.
Icon asset pack
Vector Icon Package, $80
30 hand drawn icons.
Delivered both as vector and raster files, with source file.
For private and commercial use.
tileset asset pack
Pixel art tile package, $100
100 8x8px pixel art tiles.
Delivered as raster files in both asset sheets and individual tiles, with source file.
For private and commercial use.
character asset pack
Animated Character, $120
Hand drawn animated 2D character.
Delivered with 4 animations of up to 8 frames each, as animation sheets with source file.
For private and commercial use.
Game Art Commisions
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